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Flash ActionScript 3.0

Course Overview

This two day Flash ActionScript 3.0 course will explore best practices when developing rich Flash applications, review important concepts such as syntax, object oriented programming, animating with ActionScript, and keyboard and mouse event handlers.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

ActionScript Fundamentals 
Getting Started with Coding 
ActionScript Basics 
Declaring and Using Variables 
Operators and Expressions 
Converting Data Types and Operators 
Using Functions 
Using Functions and Methods 

Manipulating Symbols with ActionScript 
Introducing Symbols 
Using a MovieClip and Button's Properties 
Working with MovieClip Methods 
Using Methods within a MovieClip 
Working with TextFields 
Using TextField Properties 
Dynamically Adding Symbols to the Stage 
Adding Symbols to the Stage at Run-Time 
Loading Content Dynamically Into a MovieClip 
Loading External Images 

Object Oriented Programming 
Introducing Object Oriented Programming 
Creating a Custom Class 
Declaring Class Properties 
Adding Properties to a Class 
Declaring Methods 
Adding Methods to a Class 
Creating Visual Classes Through Inheritance 
Creating a Visual Class 
Making the Stage a Class 

ActionScript Events 
ActionScript Events 
Handling Events 
ActionScript Event Types 
Using the MouseEvent 
Using the Keyboard and Enter Frame Events 
Dispatching A Custom Event 
Dispatching A Custom Crash Event 
Working with Timers 

Loops and Conditional Logic 
Types of Conditional Statements 
Controlling the SpaceShip 
Determine When Objects Overlap or Hit 
Determine when the SpaceShip Crashes 
Types of Loops 
Adding Asteroids to the Screen 

Exploring the ActionScript Class Library 
The ActionScript Class Library 
Using the Sound Class 
Adding Sound Effects to the SpaceShip 
Programmatically Formatting Text 
Formatting the Player Score TextField 
Getting a Date with ActionScript 
Determine your Current Age 
Static Methods and Properties 
Use Cos and Sin to maneuver the Space Ship and Create Random Asteroids 

XML with EX 
What is XML 
Creating a High Score List 
Using the EX Operators 
Demonstration -: Using EX Operators 
Accessing External XML Documents 
Loading External XML Files and Filtering Books 

Animating with ActionScript 
Using the Enter Frame Event 
Copy and Paste Tweens 
Using the Tween Class 
Tweening the Warp Animation

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