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SQL Server Reporting Services 

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS

Course Overview

This three day intensive course will give delegates a comprehensive understanding of how to design and publish parametrised reports, manage permissions, schedule automated reporting and configure report caching. The course also demonstrates how to build reports designed for tablets and mobile devices.

Duration: 3 day course

Course Content

Topics include

Introduction to Reporting Services
Introduction to reporting services
Reporting services components
Reporting services tools

Reporting Services Data Sources
Configuring data access with report builder
Configuring data access with report designer
Using Datasets

Creating Paginated Reports
Create a report using report builder or report designer.
Creating a report with the report wizard
Publish a report to reporting services

Working with Reporting Services Data
Data filters
Report parameters
Implementing report filters and parameters

Visualizsng Data with Report Services
Formatting data
Images and charts
Databars, sparklines, indicators, gauges, and maps
Use databars, sparklines, and indicators in reports

Summarising Report Data
Sorting and grouping
Report sub-reports
Drilldown and drill through

Sharing Reporting Services Reports
Report caching, snapshots, and comments
Report subscription and delivery

Administering Reporting Services
Secure access to reports by using authentication, permissions, and SSL encryption.
Use report services configuration manager to reconfigure SSRS servers.
Monitor and optimize the performance of SSRS on a given set of server hardware

Extending and Integrating Reporting Services
Work with expressions and embedded code.
Extend reporting services functionality with external assemblies.
Integrate reporting services with other software

Designing Reports for Tablets and Mobile Devices
Overview of mobile reports
Preparing data for mobile reports
Mobile report publisher
Drillthrough in mobile reports
Add a drillthrough to a custom URL

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