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SQL Server Analysis Services 

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS Multdimensional Modelling

Course Overview

This intensive two day course is intended for SQL professionals and business intelligence professionals. The course covers the use of Analysis Services development tools to create and deploy multidimensional SSAS projects.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Multidimensional models
Overview of SSAS Multidimensional Modelling
Using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
Create an Analysis Services Project
Configure Analysis Services Project Properties
Deploy Analysis Services Projects
View the XML for an Analysis Services Project

Data Sources
Supported Data Sources
Create a Data Source
Delete a Data Source
Set Data Source Properties
Set Impersonation Options for a Data Source Connection
Data Source Views
Define a Data Source View
Add or Remove Tables or Views in a Data Source View
Explore Data in a Data Source View
Work with Diagrams in Data Source View Designer
Replace a Table or a Named Query in a Data Source View
Define Logical Relationships in a Data Source View
Define Logical Primary Keys in a Data Source View
Define Named Calculations in a Data Source View
Define Named Queries in a Data Source View
Delete a Data Source View

Create a Dimension Using the Dimension Wizard
Create a Dimension by Using an Existing Table
Create a Time Dimension by Generating a Time Table
Create a Dimension by Generating a Non-Time Table in the Data Source
Modify or Delete in Solution Explorer Database Dimensions
Create User-Defined Hierarchies
Ragged Hierarchies
Define Attribute Relationships
BI Wizard
Define a Regular Relationship and Regular Relationship Properties
Define a Referenced Relationship and Referenced Relationship Properties
Define a Fact Relationship and Fact Relationship Properties
Define a Many-to-Many Relationship and Many-to-Many Relationship Properties

Measures and Measure Groups
Create Measures and Measure Groups
Configure Measure Group Properties
Use Aggregate Functions
Define Semiadditive Behavior
Defined Linked Measure Groups

Create Local Partitions
Create Remote Partitions
Change a Partition Source
Designing Aggregations
Edit or Delete Partitions Merge Partitions
Set Partition Storage
Partition Writeback

Create Calculated Members
Create Named Sets
Define Assignments and Other Script Commands
Define Time Intelligence
Calculations using the Business Intelligence Wizard

Add a Standard Action
Test an Action
Use a Template to Create an Action

Deployment Requirements and Considerations for Analysis Services Deployment
Deploy Model Solutions Using XMLA
Deploy Model Solutions Using the Deployment Wizard
Deploy Model Solutions with the Deployment Utility
Attach and Detach Analysis Services Databases
Backup and Restore of Analysis Services Databases
Backup Options Restore Options
Document and Script an Analysis Services Database
Modify or Delete an Analysis Services Database
Move an Analysis Services Database
Rename a Multidimensional Database

Processing a multidimensional model
Processing Options and Settings
Processing Databases, Dimensions and Partitions
Tools and Approaches for Processing
Batch Processing Remote Processing
Error Configuration

Roles and Permissions
Authorizing access to objects and operations
Database permissions
Cube or model permissions Process permissions
Read Definition permissions
Dimension permissions
Data Source object permissions

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