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Excel Power Pivot

Course Overview

A one day course introducing candidates to Power View and Power Pivot Excel tools.

Duration: 1 day course

Course Content

Power View
Understanding Power View
Enabling Power View
Adding Power View to the Ribbon
Creating a Power View Sheet
Working With a Power View Object
Working With Power View Fields
Rearranging and Sorting Fields
Working With Measure Fields
Formatting Power View Data
Tiling Data in Power View
Filtering in Power View
Switching Visualisations
Adding More Power Views
Adding Titles and Images
Updating a Power View Report

Power Pivot
Understanding Power Pivot
Understanding Relational Data
Enabling Power Pivot
Connecting to a Data Source
Working With the Data Model
Working With Data Model Fields
Changing a Power Pivot View
Creating a Data Model PivotTable
Using Related Power Pivot Fields
Creating a Calculated Field
Creating a Concatenated Field
Formatting Data Model Fields
Using Calculated Fields
Creating a Timeline
Adding Slicers

Get & Transform
Understanding Get & Transform
Understanding the Navigator Pane
Creating a New Query From a File
Creating a New Query From the Web
Understanding the Query Editor
Displaying the Query Editor
Managing Data Columns
Reducing Data Rows
Adding a Data Column
Transforming Data
Editing Query Steps
Merging Queries
Working With Merged Queries
Saving and Sharing Queries
The Advanced Editor

Power Map
Understanding Power Map
Creating a Power Map Tour
Working With Location Fields
Working With Mapping Confidence
Working With Height and Category
Filtering Data
Navigating a Data Map
Changing the Look
Working With Layers
Working With Scenes
Working With Scene Options
Working With Time Settings
Viewing and Editing a Tour
Exporting a Tour as a Video

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