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Microsoft Access

Course Overview

A two day intensive course. The course assumes no prior Access knowledge but takes candidates to the point where they can build, manage and query an Access based relational database.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Getting to Know Access 
Designing a Lookup Database
Creating a Lookup Database
Modifying Table Structures
Adding Records to a Table
Adding Transactional Records
Working With Records
Sorting and Filtering
Creating Queries
Creating and Using Reports
Creating and Using Forms
Data Validation
Formatting Tables
Querying Techniques
Parameter Queries
Calculations in Queries
Modifying Forms
Using a Navigation Form
DIY Forms
Creating and Using Macros
Macro Techniques
Macros on Forms
Navigation Pane Protection
Relational Database Design
Creating a Relational Database
Setting Table Relationships
Importing and Exporting Records
Multi Table Queries
Aggregation Queries
Action Queries
Database Security
Database Wellness
An Introduction to VBA
Understanding VBA

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