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Transact SQL

Course Overview

In this two day intensive course you will learn how to create queries to retrieve, add, update, and report from your SQL Server database. You will sort and aggregate data, use built-in functions, create stored procedures, subqueries, table operators, set operators, conditional operators, views, indexes, and explore SQL Server error handling features.

The course is particularly suitable for Data Analysts or candidates involved in retrieving and reporting business and management information. No prior SQL knowledge is assumed.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Getting Started with SQL Server 2012
Overview of SQL Server
Work with SSMS

Working with T-SQL
Overview of T-SQL
Work with T-SQL Statements
Manage SQL Server Constraints

Writing SELECT Queries
Write SELECT Statements
Assign Aliases Using Queries
Write CASE Expressions

Working with SQL Data Types
Work with String and Numeric Data Types
Work with Date and Time Data Types
Work with Binary Data Types
Work with the XML Data Type

Sorting and Filtering Data
Sort the Queried Data
Filter the Queried Results
Work with Predicates
Perform Advanced Filtering

Querying Data from Multiple Tables
Combine Data Using Simple Joins
Create Queries Using Join Algorithms
Modifying Data
Insert Data
Update Data
Delete Data
Merge Data

Working with SQL Server Built-in Functions
Create Queries Using Built-in Functions
Create Queries to Test Nullability
Group and Aggregate Data

Programming in T-SQL
Work with Variables and Batches
Control Program Flow
Manage Triggers
Work with Data Access Technologies

Implementing Stored Procedures
Manage Stored Procedures
Work with Dynamic SQL

Working with Subqueries and Table Expressions
Work with Subqueries
Work with Table Expressions

Working with Set Operators, Conditional Operators, and Window Functions
Work with Set Operators
Work with Window Functions
Configure User-Defined Functions (UDF)
Work with Advanced Functions

Working with PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and Grouping Sets
Work with PIVOT and UNPIVOT
Work with Grouping Sets

Managing Error Handling and Transactions
Implement Error Handling
Manage Transactions

Querying SQL Server System Metadata
Work with System Databases
Work with SSPs and SMOs
Work with System Catalog Views

Optimizing Query Performance
Manage Query Plans
Configure Indexes
Manage Views
Analyze Data from Query Plans

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