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About Enable Technology Christchurch Access Training Courses

We are company which specialises in short, two and three day intensive Access technology training courses. All of our tutors are Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts with development backgrounds. Everyone attending a Access course receives learning resources which also serves as a reference source after the course. Anyone attending the course can contact the Tutor for as long as they like after the Access course. The ongoing support by a Microsoft expert is an important part of the service we offer.

Enable Technology Access courses are instructor led and taught by an experienced Microsoft expert. Enable Technology Access courses can be delivered onsite at your premises. We bring a fully equipped training lab with us. We are also more than happy to organise a local course at a socially distanced training location in Christchurch. We are more than happy to incorporate additional topics to accommodate your organisations Access training needs.

We also deliver this course online. Delegates participate in a virtual Access class and can both talk to and share their screen with the tutor.

Our teaching team have over twenty years continuous technical training experience. Our clients include: Total Telecommunications Limited, Carillion PLC, GKN PLC, Norwich Union PLC, DHL Express, Yell Group PLC, Queen's Medical Centre Nottingham and University of Birmingham.

Microsoft Access

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Telephone on 01952 938014
  • Course Outline
  • This is a two day intensive course in which participants learn how to build and interrogate a Microsoft Access database. The course covers working with tables, queries, forms, reports and macros. No prior knowledge of Access is assumes but the course progresses to advanced topics.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Creating a Relational Database
    Working With Records
    Action Queries
    Multi Table Queries
    An Introduction to VBA
    Relational Database Design
    Getting to Know Access 
    Creating and Using Forms
    Creating and Using Macros
    Calculations in Queries
    DIY Forms
    Designing a Lookup Database
    Navigation Pane Protection
    Aggregation Queries
    Parameter Queries
    Creating and Using Reports
    Database Security
    Macro Techniques
    Macros on Forms
    Sorting and Filtering
    Adding Records to a Table

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Microsoft Access Programming Using VBA

  • 3 day course
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Telephone on 01952 938014
  • Course Outline
  • This course introduces participants to programme using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We don't assume any prior programming background. Essentially candidates will learn how to create distributed scalable Access applications.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Working with the Application Object
    Using the Object Browser
    Debugging Code
    Using the For...Next Structure
    Setting Break Expressions
    Understanding the Form Object
    Using Visual Basic Help
    Understanding Objects
    Understanding Procedures
    Understanding Errors
    Working with the Code Editor
    Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy
    Using Debugging Tools
    Locking Records for Updating
    Understanding Collections
    Why Program in Access?
    Understanding Data Types
    Specifying a Recordset Cursor Type
    Naming Procedures
    Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
    Organizing Code and Procedures

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