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We offer intensive two and three days Access courses. All of our tutors are Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts with development backgrounds. Every course participant will receives course practice files and Access course resources that can be referenced post training. Anyone attending the course can contact the Tutor for as long as they like after the Access course. The ongoing support by a Microsoft expert is an important part of the service we offer.

Access courses are taught by a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Enable Technology Access training courses can be delivered at your offices. We can supply the necessary software and computers. The Access course could also be scheduled at a socially distanced site near you in Bridlington. The Access syllabus can be modified to accommodate your specific training needs.

This instructor led course is also available online. Participants can log onto a virtual classroom and will be able to see the tutors screen, ask questions real time and share their screen with the Tutor.

Our teaching team have been delivering technical training in the Midlands for twenty years. Some of our clients are South Staffordshire Water PLC, Fujistu PLC, Nationwide Building Society Limited, GKN PLC, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Vodafone Group Services, Norfolk Police Constabulary and EDF Energy PLC.

Microsoft Access Programming Using VBA

  • 3 day course
  • Location: Bridlington
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • This short intensive course teaches participants how to fully automate and extend the functionality of Microsoft Access. This programming course assumes no prior knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Delegates will learn how to build user defined functions, create sub procedures and connect remotely to external data sources.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Understanding the Form Object
    Working with Inline Error Handling
    Working with Variable Lifetime
    Controlling Program Execution
    Using Message Boxes
    Using the Select Case...End Select Structure
    Understanding Objects
    Understanding the Order of Events
    Understanding the Err Object
    Using the Object Browser
    Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
    Understanding Classes and Objects
    Creating a Standard Module
    Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy
    Working with Properties
    Working with the Application Object
    Setting Break Expressions
    Introduction to Programming in Access
    Using the For Each...Next Structure

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Microsoft Access

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Bridlington
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • This two day intensive Enable Technology course cover working with Microsoft Access forms, tables, queries and reports. Candidates will learn both how to build a Microsoft Access databases to store company information and produce automated reports that filter and aggregate data.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Creating and Using Macros
    Data Validation
    Using a Navigation Form
    DIY Forms
    Calculations in Queries
    Creating a Relational Database
    Adding Records to a Table
    Creating and Using Forms
    Action Queries
    Macros on Forms
    Relational Database Design
    Creating a Lookup Database
    Importing and Exporting Records
    Macro Techniques
    Modifying Forms
    Multi Table Queries
    Database Wellness
    Adding Transactional Records
    Getting to Know Access 
    Setting Table Relationships
    Creating and Using Reports

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