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About Enable Technology Dorchester Access Training Courses

Enable Technology has twenty year track record of providing short intensive Access skills based training courses. All of our tutors are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Every course participant is given Access courseware which they can refer to after the training. Anyone attending the course can contact the Tutor for as long as they like after the Access course. The ongoing support by a Microsoft expert is an important part of the service we offer.

Enable Technology Access courses are instructor led and taught by an experienced Microsoft expert. Enable Technology Access training courses can be delivered at your offices. We can supply the necessary software and computers. If you prefer we can offer an offsite socially distanced training location in Dorchester. We are happy to discuss customising the course content should you have particular Access training requirements.

This course can also be delivered in a virtual classroom. Delegates can log into a scheduled Access course, watch the tutor demonstrate tasks, ask questions and share their own screen.

The Enable Technology team have had two decades of experience delivering technical training mainly in the Midlands region. Some of our clients are Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, EDF Energy PLC, Barclays Bank PLC, Loughborough University, Homeserve PLC, Cadbury PLC, Birmingham City University and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

Microsoft Access

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Dorchester
  • Telephone on 01952 938014
  • Course Outline
  • This is a two day intensive course in which participants learn how to build and interrogate a Microsoft Access database. The course covers working with tables, queries, forms, reports and macros. No prior knowledge of Access is assumes but the course progresses to advanced topics.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Adding Records to a Table
    Using a Navigation Form
    Importing and Exporting Records
    DIY Forms
    Action Queries
    Aggregation Queries
    Data Validation
    Relational Database Design
    Formatting Tables
    Querying Techniques
    Sorting and Filtering
    Working With Records
    Understanding VBA
    Creating a Relational Database
    Multi Table Queries
    Modifying Table Structures
    Creating a Lookup Database
    Database Wellness
    Creating and Using Macros
    Designing a Lookup Database
    Macro Techniques

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Microsoft Access Programming Using VBA

  • 3 day course
  • Location: Dorchester
  • Telephone on 01952 938014
  • Course Outline
  • A three day course enabling participants to build Access based business applications. No prior programming experience is assumed.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Handling Errors
    Understanding VBA's Error Trapping Options
    Organizing Code and Procedures
    Understanding Modules
    Using Intrinsic Functions
    Using the Do...Loop Structure
    Understanding Error Handling
    Working with Recordsets
    Setting Break Expressions
    Creating a Sub Procedure
    Using the Immediate Window to Call Procedures
    Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
    Understanding Expressions and Statements
    Using the For...Next Structure
    Working with Variable Lifetime
    Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy
    Declaring and Creating Object Variables
    Stepping through Code

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