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About Enable Technology Cil-y-coed SQL Server Reporting Services Training Courses

We are a company that offers short, practical, SQL Server Reporting Services hands on technology courses. The training will be delivered by a Microsoft professional with development experience. Each course participant will be issued with training SQL Server Reporting Services resources which they can continue to use after the training. It is our company policy to provide SQL Server Reporting Services training participants with ongoing support from the course Tutor. People who attend a SQL Server Reporting Services course can contact the Tutor for as long as they need assistance after the training.

We provide instructor led training coupled with hands on training. During the Covid 19 crisis we can deliver this course online. Delegates participate in a virtual SQL Server Reporting Services class and can both talk to and share their screen with the tutor. All SQL Server Reporting Services courses can be customised to meet your particular requirements.

In the Midlands the Enable Technology team have been providing technical training since 1998. Some of our clients are Royal Air Force, TalkTalk Direct Limited, University of Birmingham, Vodafone Group Services, National Power PLC, Total Telecommunications Limited, Dollond & Aitchison Limited and Norwich Union PLC.

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services SSRS

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Cil-y-coed
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • This is a two day course which equips participants with the skills necessary to effectively use SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Enable Technology also run a comparable two day Reporting Services 2000 training course.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Model Statistics
    Identifying Field
    Data-driven Subscription
    Using Reporting Services 2005 Report Builder
    Managing Objects in Object Explorer
    Designing the Layout
    The Reporting Services 2005 Report Designer
    Dynamic Parameter Values (From Query)
    Adding System-level Roles
    Reporting Services 2005 Web Components
    Reporting Services 2005 Diagram Pane
    SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Features
    Rendering Extensions
    Building Report Models in Reporting Services 2005
    Current Classroom Folder Structure
    Report Model Generation Rules
    Add Report Parameter to a Dataset
    Report Toolbar
    Managing Reporting Services

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Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS 2016

  • 3 day course
  • Location: Cil-y-coed
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • This three day intensive course will give delegates a comprehensive understanding of how to design and publish parametrised reports, manage permissions, schedule automated reporting and configure report caching. The course also demonstrates how to build reports designed for tablets and mobile devices.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Reporting services components
    Implementing report filters and parameters Visualizsng Data with Report Services
    Creating a report with the report wizard
    Work with expressions and embedded code.
    Use databars, sparklines, and indicators in reports Summarising Report Data
    Monitor and optimize the performance of SSRS on a given set of server hardware Extending and Integrating Reporting Services
    Create a report using report builder or report designer.
    Reporting services tools Reporting Services Data Sources
    Add a drillthrough to a custom URL
    Report sub-reports
    Use report services configuration manager to reconfigure SSRS servers.
    Publish a report to reporting services Working with Reporting Services Data
    Introduction to reporting services
    Using Datasets Creating Paginated Reports
    Mobile report publisher
    Overview of mobile reports
    Images and charts
    Report caching, snapshots, and comments
    Formatting data
    Sorting and grouping

  • See Training Course Details...

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services SSRS

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Cil-y-coed
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • A two day intensive course introducing the comprehensive range of SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 report writing and deployment features.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Learn how to create a basic report using the SQL Server Reporting Services Wizard 
    Learn how to enable basic authentication for reports and how to require SSL for report operations 
    Learn how to create matrix reports 
    Learn about datasets and data regions 
    Discover the classes and methods exposed by the Reporting Services Web Service API 
    Discover how to improve parameter prompts using drop-down list parameters 
    Investigate Reporting Services charts 
    Explore the storing of credentials within a data source 
    Learn how to create a tabular report from scratch 
    Learn about report variables and when you might need to use them 
    Discover interactive sorting 
    Learn how to deploy Reporting Services projects and individual reports and data sources 
    Dig into the use of unbound, multivalued, and cascading parameters 
    Explore creating linked reports 
    Explore the use of Reporting Services gauges 
    Master the Reporting Services Grouping pane 

  • See Training Course Details...

SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS 2012/2014

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Cil-y-coed
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • Aimed at Report Writers using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2012 and 2014 this intensive two day course demonstrates how to create and deploy parameterised reports using Report Builder and Report Designer. No prior Reporting Services experience is assumed but a reasonable grasp of SQL is essential.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Create a Form-Like Report from a list Calculations Using Expressions And Functions
    Page Headers and Footers Report Formatting Options
    Tablix Cell Content and Scope Building a Tablix Report
    Report Designer and Data Windows Configuring Report Projects
    Create a Shared Data Source and Two Data Sets
    Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
    Using Charts in a Report
    Using Report Parts Shared Data Sets
    No Data Rows
    Building a List Report Configuring Tablix  Properties and Groups
    Report Project Types  Working with Report Server Projects
    Shared Dataset Design View  Creating Ad Hoc Reports with Report Builder
    Reporting Services Modes
    Formatting Text Boxes in the Properties Window
    Create Shared Data Sources and Data Sets
    Creating Report Parameters
    Designing the Page Layout
    Built-in Functions
    Providing a Drop-Down List for a Report Parameter

  • See Training Course Details...

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Report Builder SSRS

  • 2 day course
  • Location: Cil-y-coed
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • Aimed at Data Analysts and SQL users this instructor-led course provides participants with the necessary knowledge to develop reports using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Report Builder. The course covers Report Builder wizards, basics of report design, report parameters, report expressions, filters, report visualisations including graphs, charts, images and gauges. The course also covers the use of maps, interactive reports, report parts, sub reports, subscriptions and exporting options.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Using Tables
    Examining Parameters
    Exploring Subscriptions
    Utilizing Data Sources
    Examining Security
    Exploring Gauges
    Examining Maps
    Understanding Report Parts
    Mastering Data Region(s)
    Planning Your Reports
    Exploring Table or Matrix Wizard
    Utilizing Lists
    Creating Subreports and Drillthrough Reports
    Formatting Reports
    Understanding Variances Between SQL Versions
    Examining Management
    SQL Server 2016 Report Builder Basic Reports
    SQL Server 2016 Report Builder Graphics
    Utilizing Chart Wizard

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