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  • 3 day course
  • Location: Midlands
  • Course Outline
  • This course provides a practical, hands-on overview of how to develop Web Applications using ASP.NET 4 and VB.NET. The course assumes a working knowledge of HTML and is suitable for anyone who wishes to use ASP.NET to develop dynamic web content.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Displaying XML Data Using the XmlDataSource Control 
    Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls 
    Validating User Input 
    Debugging .NET Framework Source Code
    Reading and Write Data Using the SqlDataSource Control 
    ASP.NET Session State 
    Site Navigation Controls 
    Using the Complex Validators 
    HyperLink and Button Controls 
    Using Rich Server Controls 
    Introduction to Web Controls 
    Using the Web Site Administration Tool 
    Security Trimming 
    Creating a Consistent Web Site 
    Server-Side Code Debugging in ASP.NET 
    Programming Configuration Files 
    Using Cookies to Preserve State 
    Application State 
    Server Debugging 

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ASP.NET using C#

  • 3 day course
  • Location: Midlands
  • Course Outline
  • This course provides practical, hands-on expertise on developing Web Applications using ASP.NET 4 and C#. Numerous programming examples and exercises are examined. A working knowledge of HTML is however assumed.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • Writing Code to Interact with Membership and Roles 
    Accessing Data 
    Using the Visual Debugger 
    URL Mapping 
    Web Development Using Visual Studio
    Creating a Consistent Web Site 
    Client-Side and Advanced Debugging 
    Allow Users to Select from a DropDownList in the Grid 
    Introducing the GridView Control 
    ASP.NET 2.0 Themes 
    Using the Simple Validators 
    Setting Up an Out-of-Process State Server 
    Storing Session State in SQL Server 
    Data Binding in ASP.NET 
    Using Visual Studio 2008's Tools for Working with Styles 

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