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About Enable Technology Durham PHP Training Courses

We have a twenty year history of providing skills based PHP industry training. The course will always be taught by a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Each course participant will be issued with training PHP resources which they can continue to use after the training. Our policy is to provide open ended PHP post training support to participants. This additional service is an important part ofhow we help people implement the skills they have learned in the workplace.

Our primary method of delivery is instructor led training coupled with practical hands on activities. If you can provide a training room, we can bring the necessary laptops with software installed and deliver the PHP onsite. Another way we could deliver the PHP course is at a local socially distanced training site. The PHP syllabus can be modified to accommodate your specific training needs.

PHP courses are also available online. Participants can join scheduled virtual classes, watch the tutor demonstrate the topic, ask questions and share their screen

We have operated primarily in the West Midlands for twenty years. Our clients include: Boots UK Limited, University of Birmingham, Queen's Medical Centre Nottingham, Barclays Bank PLC, West Bromwich Building Society, Nationwide Building Society Limited, Shell UK Oil Products Ltd and Aston University.


  • 2 day course
  • Location: Durham
  • Telephone on 01952 305730
  • Course Outline
  • A two day intensive course introducing PHP and equipping candidates with the skills necessary to build PHP driven dynamic web sites. Participants should have a sound knowledge of HTML.

  • Some of the training topics covered include ...
  • magic_quotes_gpc 
    PHP Basics
    Escape Character ( \ ) 
    Working with Conditions 
    mysqli Prepared Statements 
    Authenticating Users 
    Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays 
    Writing to a File 
    Creating a Resume Management Page
    Form Processing 
    Looping through Associative Arrays 
    Two-dimensional Arrays 
    Sending Email with PHP 
    Array Manipulation Functions 
    Inserting and Updating Records 
    Number of Occurrences ( ? + * {} ) 

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