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Word 2010 Basic

Course Overview

This course focuses on basic document production using Microsoft Word 2010 and is designed to give the learner a sound understanding of how documents are created, formatted, and printed.

Duration: 1 day course

Course Content

Getting To Know Microsoft Word
Starting Word
The Word Screen
How Microsoft Word 2010 Works
Using The Ribbon
Using Ribbon KeyTips
Minimising The Ribbon
Using Shortcut Menus
Understanding Dialog Boxes
Launching Dialog Boxes
Understanding The Quick Access
Exiting Safely From Word

Creating A New Document
Creating Documents In Word
Using The Blank Document
Typing Text
The Save As Dialog Box
Saving A New Document
Typing Numbers
Inserting A Date
Document Proofing
Checking Spelling And Grammar
Making Basic Changes
Saving An Existing Document
Printing A Document

Working With A Document
The Open Dialog Box
Opening An Existing Document
Navigating With The Keyboard
Scrolling Through A Document
Page Zooming
Viewing The Ruler
Showing Paragraph Marks
Counting Words

Working With Text
Techniques For Selecting Text
Selecting Text Using The Mouse
Selecting Text Using The
Editing Text In Insert Mode
Editing Text In Overtype Mode
Deleting Text
Using Click And Type
Inserting Symbols And Special Characters

Cutting And Copying
Understanding Cutting And
Cutting And Pasting
Using Paste Special

Multiple Documents
Opening Multiple Documents
Switching Between Open
Arranging All

Font Formatting

Understanding Font Formatting
Working With Live Preview
Changing Fonts

Paragraph Formatting
Understanding Paragraph
Understanding Text Alignment

Headers And Footers
Understanding Headers And
Inserting Headers And Footers
Inserting A Blank Header
Inserting A Blank Footer
Switching Between Headers And

Page Layout
Changing Page Margins
Setting Custom Margins
Changing Page Orientation
Changing Paper Sizing


Using Default Tabs
Setting Tabs On The Ruler
Modifying Tabs On The Ruler
Setting Tabs In The Tabs Dialog Box


Understanding Tables
Creating A Table
Adding Data To A Table

Understanding Printing
Previewing Your Document
Quick Printing

Mail Merging
Understanding The Mail Merge Process
Inserting Mail Merge Fields
Previewing The Merged Documents
Completing The Merge

Understanding Pictures
Inserting A Picture
Resizing A Picture
Changing The Picture

Understanding Shapes
Inserting A Drawing Canvas
Positioning The Drawing Canvas
Drawing Shapes


Understanding WordArt
Applying WordArt
Deleting WordArt

Getting Help
Understanding How Help Works
Accessing The Help Window
Browsing For Help

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