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SQL Server Reporting Services 

SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS 2012/2014

Course Overview

Aimed at Report Writers using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2012 and 2014 this intensive two day course demonstrates how to create and deploy parameterised reports using Report Builder and Report Designer. No prior Reporting Services experience is assumed but a reasonable grasp of SQL is essential.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
Reporting Services Modes
Installing and Configuring Reporting Services

Reporting Services Architecture
Native Mode Architecture
Service Architecture 

Report Building Tools
Report Builder vs. Report Designer
Build a Simple Report
Report Definition Language (RDL)
Creating a Customer Contact List 

Creating Ad Hoc Reports With Report Builder
Introduction to Report Builder
Report Builder Installation and Execution Options
A Tour of the Report Builder Interface

Building a Report with Report Builder
Preview Performance
Using Report Parts

Shared Data Sets
Shared Data Sources
Shared Dataset Design View 

Creating Ad Hoc Reports with Report Builder
Create a Data Source Connection
Create A Shared DataSet for Northwind
Create a Report Based on a Shared Data Set 

Creating Reports With  SQL Server Data Tools
Introducing SQL Server Data Tools
Installing SQL Server Data Tools
Report Project Types 

Working with Report Server Projects
Report Project Files and Folders
Report Designer and Data Windows

Configuring Report Projects
Setting Report Project Properties
Report Project Configurations 

Creating a New Report in the Report Designer
The Report Designer

Creating Reports with SQL Server Data Tools
Create and Configure a Report Server Project
Create Shared Data Sources and Data Sets
Create a Tabular Report 

Using the Tablix Report Type
Exploring the Tablix Report Type
The Tablix Component
Tablix Cell Content and Scope

Building a Tablix Report
Creating a Shared Data Source and Data Sets
Building a Tabular Report
Building a Matrix Report
Building a List Report

Configuring Tablix  Properties and Groups
The Tablix Properties Dialogue Box
No Data Rows
Groups before Row Headers
Synchronized Data Alignment 

Using the Tablix Report Type
Create a Shared Data Source and Two Data Sets
Create a Matrix Report
Create a Form-Like Report from a list

Calculations Using Expressions And Functions
Writing and Using Report Expressions
Using the Expression Editor 

Using Built-in Report Operators and Functions
Expression Operators
Built-in Functions
Null Handling

The Global Collections
Field Collection
Globals Collection
User Collection
Report Items Collection
Variable Collection
Globals Collection

Creating Custom Functions
Creating a Custom Age Function
Sharing Custom Code with Multiple Reports

Calculations Using Expressions and Functions
Rein in the Length of a Text Field
Create a Custom Function 

Managing Page Layout and Adding Interactivity
Designing the Page Layout
Considering Report Layout Options
Page Structure Properties
Page Headers and Footers

Report Formatting Options
Formatting Text Boxes from the Toolbars
Formatting Text Boxes in the Properties Window
Formatting Text Boxes in the Text Box Properties Dialogue Box
Formatting Tablix Rows and Columns

Making Reports Interactive
Interactive Sorting
Drilldown Reports

Managing Page Layout and Adding Interactivity
Creating a Columnar Report
Create a Report with Interactive Sorting

Dynamic Reports with Parameters
Creating Report Parameters
Parameters and Stored Procedures
Using Parameters with Ad Hoc SQL
Using Unbound Parameters

Understanding Report And Data Set Parameters
Report Parameters
Data Set Parameters
Reordering Report Parameters

Using Drop-Down List Parameters
Providing a Drop-Down List for a Report Parameter
Displaying the Parameter Value and Label for a Drop-Down List Parameter
Cascading Parameters
Multivalued Parameters

Dynamic Reports with Parameters
Create a  Parameterised Report
Create a Drop-Down List Parameter
Work with Multivalued Parameters 

Enhancing Reports with Data Visualisations
Using Charts in a Report
Formatting a Chart 

Visualising Performance with Data Bars, Sparklines and Indicators
Data Bars
Working with Maps and Spatial Data 

Enhancing Reports with Data Visualisation
Create a Pie Chart with Point Labels
Create a Map Report

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