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SQL Server Reporting Services 

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services SSRS

Course Overview

This is a two day course which equips participants with the skills necessary to effectively use SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Enable Technology also run a comparable two day Reporting Services 2000 training course.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Introduction to Reporting Services 2005
SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Features
The Reporting Services 2005 Key Components
Reporting Services 2005 Client Components
Reporting Services 2005 Web Components
Report Server Components
Database Components
Report Design Options
Visual Studio 2005 and Development Studio
Reporting Services 2005 Data Processing Extensions
Included Reporting Services 2005 Extensions
Custom Data Processing Extensions
Reporting Services 2005 Deployment Options
Key Considerations
Reporting Services 2005 Distribution Options
Rendering Extensions

The Reporting Services 2005 Report Wizard
Starting SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio
Creating a New Report Project
Welcome to the Report Wizard Dialog
Select the Data Source Dialog
Design the Query Dialog
Select the Report Type Dialog
Design the Table or Design the Matrix Dialog
Choose the Table Layout
Choose Table Style or Matrix Style Dialog
Completing the Wizard Dialog
Understanding What Just Happened
Previewing Reporting Services 2005 Reports
Publishing Reporting Services 2005 Reports
Accessing Reports via the Report Manager

The Reporting Services 2005 Report Designer
The Main Components of the Design Environment
Reporting Services 2005 Menus
Reporting Services 2005 Toolbars
Reporting Services 2005 Windows
Usability Features
Creating a Data Source and Dataset
Create a Data Source
Create a Dataset
Query tab
Fields tab
Reporting Services 2005 Data Options
Using the Reporting Services 2005 Graphical Query Designer
Designing the Layout
The Reporting Services 2005 Layout View
The Toolbox
Adding a Table Data Region
Adding Data Fields to a Table Data Region
A Closer Look at Preview
Adding Textboxes
Changing Columns and Rows
Adding or Deleting
Table Data Region Record Sorting
Using Reporting Services 2005 Expressions
Using the Expression Editor Dialog
Grouping Data
Data Output

Reporting Services 2005 Query and Report Parameters
Reporting Services 2005 Query vs. Report Parameters
Create a Reporting Services 2005 Report Query
Add Report Parameter to a Dataset
Previewing a Report with Parameters
Displaying Parameters in a Report
Dynamic Parameter Values (From Query)

Formatting Reporting Services 2005 Reports
Report Item Style Properties
Quick Formatting using Toolbar and Menu Options
Report Formatting Toolbar
Report Borders Toolbar
Formatting Textboxes with the Textbox Properties Dialog
Interactive Sort
Data Output
Managing Tables with the Table Properties Dialog
Data Output
Setting the Reporting Services 2005 Report Properties
Data Output
Drawing Lines and Rectangles

Reporting Services 2005 Administration
Managing Reporting Services
Using the Report Manager
SQL Server Management Studio Overview
The Management Studio Object Explorer
Managing Objects in Object Explorer
Server Properties
Web Folder Properties
Data Source Properties
Shared Schedules
Using the Reporting Services Configuration Manager
Tools for Managing Reports
Deploying Reports with Development Studio
Linked Reports
Managing Parameters

Reporting Services 2005 Subscriptions, Snapshots, and Caching
Understanding Reporting Services 2005 Subscriptions
Creating a Subscription
Static Subscription
Data-driven Subscription
Understanding Snapshots
History Properties
Understanding Reporting Services 2005 Caching
Execution Properties

Reporting Services 2005 Security
Reporting Services 2005 Security Model Concepts
Understanding System-level Roles
Adding System-level Roles
Understanding Item-level Roles
Adding an Item-Level Role
Understanding Users and Groups
Understanding Security Settings
Default Folder Structure
Current Classroom Folder Structure
Adding Groups and Users
Adding Groups to Reporting Services
Adding Reporting Services 2005 Users
Auditing and Management Reports
Execution Reporting Services 2005 Log Reports
Server Management Reports
Installing Auditing and Management Reports
Deploying the Auditing and Management Reports
Deploy Sample Reports to Report Server
Create a Database for Report Execution Data
Configure and Run the Job Package
Run the Sample Reports

Building Report Models in Reporting Services 2005
Understand the Report Model Architecture
Creating a Report Model Project
Creating a Report Model Data Source
Creating a Data Source View
Modifying the Data Source View
Reporting Services 2005 Diagram Pane
Diagram Organizer Pane
Tables Pane
Creating a Report Model File
Report Model Generation Rules
Model Statistics
Understanding the Model Designer
Model Designer Layout
Identifying Field
Entity and Field Folders
Deploying a Report Model

Using Reporting Services 2005 Report Builder
Understanding Report Builder
Launching Report Builder
Report Builder Design Layout
Getting Started Pane
Report Toolbar
Explorer Pane
Design Area
Building a Table Report
Adding Fields to the Table Data Region
Report Groupings
Previewing a Report
Report Filters
Clickthrough Reports
Saving a Report
Building a Matrix (Cross-tab) Report
Creating Formulas
Creating a Chart Report
Parts of the Chart
Chart Types
Chart Options

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