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Oracle Business Intelligence - Create Reports and Interactive Dashboards

Course Overview

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI), formerly known as Siebel Business Analytics, empowers business users with sophisticated data analytic capabilities without any knowledge of database structures or the SQL database language. This training course will guide students through all of the features available from the product to allow one to build sophisticated dashboards and reports.

Duration: 3 day course

Course Content

Databases and Data Models
About Database Technologies
Logical Data Models
Physical Data Models

Data Warehousing and BI
Transactional Databases
Warehouse Databases
Warehouse Models and Schemas
About Business Intelligence

Introduction to Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards
Oracle BI Architecture
Launch BI Presentation Services
Log On
Basic Navigation

Using A Dashboard
Understanding The Dashboard Interface
Viewing the Request Results
Using Prompts to Filter Data
Saving and Reusing Filter Settings
Managing The View of the Dashboard Page
Viewing Supplementary Content
Miscellaneous Tasks

Building a Dashboard
Creating a Dashboard
Understanding the Dashboard Structure
Using the Dashboard Editor
Managing Saved Content
Managing Dashboard Objects

Creating a Report
Navigating the Answers Interface
Creating a New Request
Adding Columns to a Request
Previewing the Answers
Controlling the Report Definition
Downloading the Answers

Report Formatting
Report Attributes
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Reusing Filters

Column Formatting
Column Formatting
Column Formulas

Using Primary Views
About Views
Customizing the Table View
Chart View
Gauge View
Filters View
Managing the Views

Using Secondary Views
Column Selector View
View Selector View
Ticker View
Legend View
Narrative View
No Results View

Using Pivot Table Views
Pivot Table Concepts
A Pivoting Scenario
Defining the Pivot View
Sections and Pages
Totals within Pivot Tables

Advanced Formatting
Set Operations
Pdf and Print Control
View XML and SQL Calls

Administering The Presentation Catalog
Accessing The Presentation Catalog
BI and Presentation Catalog Security
Managing Presentation Catalog Objects

Deploying Requests to Dashboards
Variable References
Using Dashboard Prompts
Preparing Objects for Dashboard Deployment

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