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Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project Integrated Course

Course Overview

A short intensive course covering Microsoft Project Levels 1, 2 and 3. This course teaches you everything you need to know to get up and running with using Microsoft Project competently.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Getting to Know Project 
How Project Works
Starting Project in Windows
Understanding the Project Start
The Project Screen
Project Operations
Using the Ribbon
Showing and Collapsing the Ribbon
Understanding the Backstage
The Project Work Area
Working With Views
Working With Split Screens
Understanding Sheet Views
Working With Tables
Gantt Chart View
Working With Gantt Charts
Understanding the QAT
Working With the QAT
Working With Project Files
Exiting From Project 2016

Project Management
Tasks and Resources
The Importance of Planning
Understanding the Gantt Chart
Computers and Project Management

Creating a New Project
Steps in Creating a Project
Understanding Your Project
Creating a New Project File
Calendar Options
Changing Calendar Options
Working With Calendars
Modifying the Standard Calendar
Entering Public Holidays
Creating a New Resource Calendar
Creating a New Task Calendar
Setting Up Project Information
Entering File Properties

Creating Tasks
Understanding Tasks
Understanding Scheduling Icons
Case Study Tasks
Reviewing the Project
Entering Tasks
Creating Summary Tasks
Assignment – Creating Summary
Working in a Sheet View
Working With Summary Tasks
Working With Task Views
Examining Task Information
Understanding Task Durations
Entering Task Durations
Checking Progress
Entering Milestones
Assigning a Calendar to a Task

Understanding Task Dependencies
Creating Dependencies
Creating Dependencies in Task Entry
Creating Dependencies in Task
Creating Dependencies in a Sheet
Modifying a Schedule Using
Auto Scheduling Tasks
Critical Path and Project Slack
Viewing the Critical Path
Examining Task Slack
Understanding Lag Time
Entering Lag Time
Understanding Lead Time
Entering Lead Time
Inactivating a Task

Resourcing a Project
Understanding Resources
Entering Work Resources
Entering Material Resources
Entering Cost Resources
Assigning Calendars to Resources
Understanding Resource Availability
Adjusting Resource Availability
Changing the Unit Display

Resourcing Concepts
Resource Assignment Calculations
Task Types and Work Effort
Creating a Simple Assignment
Working With Fixed Unit Tasks
Working With Fixed Duration Tasks
Making Multiple Assignments
Adding Additional Resources
Adding More of the Same Resource
More Resources in Multiple
Understanding Effort Driven
Working With Non Effort Driven
Working With Effort Driven Tasks
Resource Assignment Summary

Assigning Resources
Simple Resource Assignments
Assigning Part Time Resources
Understanding Work Contouring
Specifying Resource Usage
Contouring Work Hours
Assigning Specific Work Times
Work Times for Multiple
Problem Assignments
Assigning Resources in Task
Assigning Resources in a Sheet
Assigning Resources You Do Not
The Case Study Resources

Understanding Printing
Previewing Before You Print
Selecting a Printer
Printing a Gantt Chart
Printing Sheet Views
Printing Tasks for Resources
Printing Resources for Tasks

Getting Help
Understanding How Help Works
Using Tell Me
Accessing the Help Window
Navigating the Help Window
Using Google to Get Help
Printing a Help Topic
Other Sources of Assistance

Resource Levelling
Understanding Resource Levelling
Creating Resource Problems
Tracking Down Over Allocations
Checking Resource Usage
Creating an Over Allocation Report
Changing Work Effort
Understanding Overtime
Assigning Overtime
Hiring Contract Labour
Switching Work Assignments
Rescheduling Tasks

Assigning Materials
Assigning Fixed Material
Contouring Materials Usage
Adding More Material Assignments
Assigning Variable Usage Material
Adding To A Material Assignment
Checking Work For Materials

Understanding Project Costs
Reviewing Current Costs
Entering Variable Costs
Case Study Variable Costs
Assigning Daily Costs
Assigning Per Usage Costs
Assigning Fixed Costs
Assigning Material Costs
Using Another Cost Table
Applying a Different Cost Table
Changing Rates During a Project
Assigning Cost Resources
Viewing Project Costs

Constraints and Deadlines
Understanding Constraints and
Reviewing Our Project
Adding a Constraint
Using Elapsed Time
Rescheduling Tasks
Creating a Deadline
Moving a Project’s Start Date

Project Tracking
Creating A Baseline
Automatically Updating Tasks
Manually Updating Tasks
Entering Delayed Tasks
Tracking Actuals On A Gantt Chart
Using The Tracking Box
Viewing Task Slippage

Project Views
Understanding Project Views
Working With the Standard Views
Creating Split Views
Creating a Custom View
Creating a Custom Combination View
Using Custom Views
Customising the View Menus
Saving an Existing View
Deleting Unwanted Views
Keeping New Views Local
Working With Multiple Files
Hiding Open Files

Exploring Tables
Creating a New Table
Adding Fields Using Add New Column
Adding Fields Using Insert Column
Adding Simple Custom Fields
Formatting Table Fields
Creating a Simple Lookup Table
Using a Custom Table
Using a Hyperlink Field

Controlling Project Data
Understanding the Data Tools
Basic Data Highlighting
Highlighting Date Ranges
Highlighting a Range of Tasks
Highlighting Tasks With Specific
More Highlight Filters
Applying Filters
Creating a Custom Filter
Using a Custom Filter
Editing Existing Filters
Deleting an Unwanted Filter
Grouping Tasks
Using AutoFilters

Formatting Projects
Understanding the Timescale
Changing Time Periods
Showing Tiers
Modifying Specific Tiers
Formatting for Non-Working Time
Changing Text Styles
Working With Gridlines
Displaying Progress Lines
Working With Progress Lines
Changing the Layout
Understanding Gantt Chart Bars
Changing Gantt Chart Styles
Changing Bar Text
Formatting Selected Bars
Changing Bar Styles

Advanced Printing
Placing Printing Commands on the
Using Print Preview
Setting Page Breaks
Printing Specific Dates and Pages
Printing Headers
Printing Footers
Working With the Legend
Getting the Right Report Fit
Exporting to PDF

Custom Fields
Understanding Custom Fields
Creating Custom Fields
Inserting Custom Fields
Creating a Formula in a Custom Field
Modifying a Formula
Testing a Formula
Understanding Graphical Indicator
Custom Fields
Creating Graphical Indicator Custom
Creating a Lookup Custom Field
Creating an Outline Code Mask
Entering Lookup Table Values
Using a Lookup Table

WBS Codes
Understanding WBS Codes
Creating WBS Codes
Altering Tasks With Custom WBS
Renumbering WBS Codes
Editing Custom WBS Codes

Custom Views
Preparing for the Custom View
Creating a Custom Filter for the View
Creating a Custom Group for the
Creating a Custom Table for the View
Creating the Custom View
Removing a Custom View and Its

Graphical Reports
Understanding Graphical Reports
How Graphical Reports Work
Running a Report
Formatting Chart Objects
Manipulating Report Data
Filtering Report Data
Cloning an Existing Report
Creating a New Report
Enhancing Report Appearance
Making Reports Global
Removing Unwanted Reports

Visual Reports
Understanding Visual Reports
Understanding Excel Visual Reports
Creating a Visual Report From a
Choosing Fields to Display in a Visual
Changing the X Axis Categories
Filtering a Visual Report
Formatting a Visual Report
Saving a Visual Report as a Template
Using a Custom Visual Report

Project Templates
Understanding Project Templates
Examining the Templates
Saving a Project as a Template
Using a Custom Project Template
Specifying the Personal Templates
Using the Personal Template Folder
Modifying a Template
Understanding the Global Template
Organising the Global Template
Applying a Newly Organised Item
Removing Items From the Global

Linking and Combining Projects
Understanding Linked Projects
Combining Projects
Viewing a Combined Project
Printing From a Combined Project
Setting a Combined Project Start
Changing Data in a Combined Project
Saving and Closing a Combined
Using Only the Combined Project File
Using Only Subproject Files
Inserting Subprojects
Breaking Subproject Links
Creating a Read Only Subproject
Inserting Task Links
Creating a Summary Milestone

Shared Resources
Understanding Resource Sharing
Creating a Common Resource Pool
Linking to an External Pool
Linking a New Project File to the Pool
Assigning Resources From the Pool
Working With Shared Resources
Checking for Resource Links
Managing Shared Resources
Opening Shared Resource Projects
Opening the Resource Pool Only
Assembling a Resource Master
Working With a Resource Master

Downsizing Larger Projects
Understanding Project Downsizing
Creating the Resource File
Creating Smaller Projects
Linking Subprojects to Resources
Preparing for the Master Project
Creating the Downsized Master File
Setting Project Links
Finalising the Master

Other Applications
Understanding Working With
Copying a Gantt Chart Image
Copying Table Data
Copying to Microsoft Excel
Linking to Microsoft Excel
Exporting to Microsoft Excel
Exporting to Excel Using a Map
Importing Data From Excel

Working Collaboratively
Understanding Collaboration Options
Adding a Contact as a Resource
Working With a Contact Resource
Syncing Tasks With SharePoint
Working With a Synced Task List

Microsoft Project VBA
Understanding Project VBA
Accessing the Developer Tab
Recording a Macro
Running a Macro
Editing a Macro
Running an Edited Macro
Localising a Macro
Running a Localised Macro


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