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Google Script Programming

Course Overview

A three aday course introducing the fundamentals  Google Acript Programming.  Participants will learn the how to create and manipulate Googe documents, folders, calendars and spreadsheets.  The course will also demonstrate how to link google documents a a underlying database.

Duration: 3 day course

Course Content

Google Apps Scripting
JavaScript Scripting
Google Spreadsheet Limitations

Getting Started
Google Apps Script Examples
Executing Code

User Defined Functions
Built-in Versus User-Defined Functions
Custom User-Defined
Introducing JavaScript Functions
User-Defined Functions Versus JavaScript Functions
Checking Input and Throwing Errors
Encapsulating A Complex Calculation
Numeric Calculations
Date Functions
Text Functions
Using JavaScript Library Methods
Using A Function Callback
Extracting Useful Information About The Spreadsheet
Using Google Services

Spreadsheets and Sheets
Native And Host Objects
Method Overloading In Google Apps Script
Object Hierarchies
The Spreadsheet Object
The Sheet Object
Practical Examples Using Spreadsheet And Sheet Objects

The Range Object
Range Objects Are Complex
Creating A Range Object
Getting And Setting Range Properties
The Range offset() Method
The Data Range Of A Sheet
Transferring Values Between JavaScript Arrays And Ranges
Named Ranges
Practical Examples 

JDBC Overview
My SQL Preliminaries
Setting Up Google Cloud SQL
Connecting To The MySQL Database
Creating A Table
Populating A Table
Writing Database Records To A Google Spreadsheet
Database Metadata
Adding Users

Building Simple Graphical Interfaces
Menus And Dialogues
Form Example
Layout and Panels
Building A Data Entry Form
Using List Boxes

Google Drive, Folders, Files and Permissions
List Google Drive File And Folder Names
Creating And Removing Files And Folders
Adding Files To And Removing Files From Folders
Methods Of Folder And File Objects
File And Folder Permissions
Practical Examples

Email and Calendars
Sending An Email Using MailApp

Web Apps With Html Service
A Data Entry Form
Creating A Web App
Displaying Spreadsheet Values In A Web App

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