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Developing Websites for Mobile Devices

Course Overview

This two day intensive course will demonstrate how to use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools to create websites which adapt their layout to the client device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet computer or desktop computer. The course assumes prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and some familiarity with SQL.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Designing for Mobile Devices
Responsive Design: Good for All Devices
Building Responsive Sites

Flexible Grids
The Flexible Grid: A More Responsive Layout Strategy
The Case for Flexible

Flexible Images and Other Media
Flexible Images and Other Media
Flexible Background Images

Media Queries
Media Queries
Targeting Widths and Devices with CSS3 Media Queries
Linearizing the Layout
Using max-device-width

The Viewport
The Viewport

HTML5: Mobile Specific
New HTML5 Features
Local Storage
Local Storage Example

GeoLocation API
The GeoLocation API
Browser and Device Support
JavaScript Implementation
A Simple Example
Google Maps

Consolidating the Web with Native Extensions
Consolidating the Web with Native Extensions
Integrating with the Home Screen
Other Devices
Hiding Browser UI
Using the Accelerometer
Accessing Camera, Contacts, Calendar, and More - But Not Yet

Optimizing the Video Experience for Mobile
Optimizing for Mobile
Embedding from YouTube or Vimeo
Hosting Your Own Videos
Video Formats
Controlling the Video through JavaScript
Converting Video Formats

jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile
Mobile Focus
Supported Platforms
Drag-and-Drop Code Builder
Swiping to Change Pages
Using data Attributes
Handling Orientation Change

Framework: Foundation
Foundation: A Responsive Grid Framework
A First Look at Foundation

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