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Course Overview

This CSS3 course will expose students to new features in CSS3. Participants will learn how to use selectors and pseudo elements, font, color, and layout techniques; transforms, transitions, and animations. The course will explore how CSS media queries can be used to change how websites are presented on mobile devices.

Duration: 1 day course

Course Content

Introducing CSS3
What is CSS3?
The History of CSS
Browser Support

Selectors and Pseudo Classes
Attribute Selectors
The Target Pseudo-Class
UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
Negation Pseudo-Class
Structural Pseudo-Classes

Fonts and Text Effects
Fonts on the Web
Font Services
The @font-face Rule
Text Shadow
Word Wrapping

Colors, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks
The Opacity Property
background-origin, and background-size

Borders and Box Effects
Image Borders
Rounded Corners
Box Shadow

Transitions, Transforms, and Animations
Transitions and Transforms

Layout: Columns and Flexible Box
Layout: Columns and Flexible Box
Flexible Box Model

Vendor Prefixes
What Are Vendor Prefixes

Embedding Media
Video Formats
Styling Video

Accessibility Features
Web Accessibility
The CSS3 Speech Module

Media Queries
Targeting Widths and Devices with CSS3 Media Queries
Responsive Images and the viewport Metatag

Implementing CSS3 in the "Real World"
Frameworks and Grid Systems

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