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Crystal Reports 

Crystal Reports 2008

Course Overview

A  two day training course will prepare participants to build and distribute complex reports which include sorting, grouping, linking, formula creation and parameters using Crystal Reports 2008. No prior Crystal Reports experience is assumed.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Creating a Simple Report 
Starting the Crystal Reports 2008 Program 
Starting a New Report 
Choosing a Data Source 
The Main Components of the Design 
Exploring the Toolbars 
Managing Resources with Explorers 
Placing Fields on the Report 
Selecting and Sizing Objects 
Browsing Field Data 
Moving and Aligning Objects 
Using Guides and Guidelines to Move and Align Objects 
Creating Text Objects 
Saving the Report 
Autosaving the Report 
Previewing the Report 
Refreshing the Data 
Using the Status Bar 
Getting Help 

Formatting Features 
Quick Formatting with the Template 
Formatting Objects 
Format Painter 
Inserting Lines and Boxes 
Inserting Graphics 
Working with the Page Commands 
Working with Text Objects 
Adding Fields into a Text Object
Formatting Part or All of an Object 
Inserting Special Fields

Selecting Specific Records from the Database 
Filter Types of the Select Expert 
Database Filtering with the Select Expert 
Selecting Records with Multiple Criteria 
Viewing and Editing the Select Formula 
Case Sensitive vs. Case Insensitive 
Record Selection Formula Templates 

Grouping and Sorting Data 
When and Why to Group Records 
Creating a Group 
Group and Sort Direction 
Customize Group Name Field 
Modifying Groups 
Creating Multiple Groups in a Report 
Using the Preview Panel 
Using the Group Tree to Navigate the Report 
Reordering Groups 
Sorting Records within a Group 
Using the Sort Control 
Summarizing Groups 
Additional Summary Options 
Grouping Data in Date/Time Intervals 
Calculating Percentages 
Ordering Groups Based on Their 
Subtotals Using the Group Sort Expert

Combining Multiple Tables 
Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields 
Learning about Linking 
Adding Multiple Tables to a Report 

Creating and Using Formulas 
Understanding Crystal Formula Syntax 
Using the Formula Workshop and Editor 
The Formula Editor Toolbar 
Performing Simple Number Calculations 
Manipulating Dates with Formulas 
Creating Boolean (True/False) Formulas 
Creating String Formulas 
Using Bookmarks to Navigate Through Formulas 

Conditional Formatting 
Formatting Sections 
Formatting Sections Conditionally 
Conditionally Formatting Fields 

Creating Summary Reports and Charts 
Creating a Summary Report 
Applying the Drill Down Feature 
Applying the DrillDownGroupLevel 
Producing Charts 
Editing and Formatting Charts 
Using the Chart Options 
Modifying Individual Objects in the 
Applying Chart Templates 

Exporting Your Reports Within Your Organization
Understanding Export Formats and Destinations 
Exporting to Windows Applications 
Exporting to a Report Definition Format

Using the Report Wizards 
Create a Report Using the Standard Report Creation Wizard 
The Data Dialog Box 
The Fields Dialog Box 
The Grouping Dialog Box 

Power Formatting with Multiple Sections
Using Multiple Sections in Reports
Using the Section Expert to Work with Sections
Conditionally Formatting Multiple Sections

Using the Running Totals Feature
Understanding Running Totals
Creating Running Totals for a List of 
Conditional Running Totals 

Prompting with Parameters
Parameter Fields Overview
Parameter Field Considerations
Creating a Parameter Field
Using a Parameter to Select Records
Using a Parameter Field
Creating a Dynamic Value List for Parameter Values
Importing a Pick List
Adding Parameter Values to Text 
Allowing Multiple Values in Parameters
Using Multiple Parameter Fields in Reports
Specifying and Limiting a Range for a Parameter
Using Parameters in Conditional 
Using an Edit Mask to Limit String 
Sorting with a Parameter
Group Sorting with a Parameter
Using a Parameter to set N in a Top N or 
Bottom N Report
Displaying Parameter Fields
Cascading Parameter Fields 

Using Advanced Formula Features
Understanding How Crystal Reports 
Processes the Data
Using Evaluation Time Functions
Working with Variables
Declaring a Variable
Assigning a Value to a Variable
Using a Variable in a Formula
Variable Scope
Separating Statements in Complex 
Working with Arrays
Understanding the Formula Evaluation 
Time Debugger

Understanding Subreports
Unlinked versus Linked Subreports
Creating an Unlinked Subreport
Linking a Subreport
Database Links versus Subreports in One-to-Many Situations
Formatting the Subreport
Passing Data from the Main Report into a Subreport
Creating On-Demand Subreports
Creating Hyperlinks
Using Subreports to Link "Unlinkable" Data 

Creating Custom Groups
Customizing Group Sort Order
Using Group Selection toFilter the Records in the Report
Grouping on a Formula Field
Grouping Hierarchically

Working with Cross-Tab Reports
Understanding How Cross-Tabs Affect Your Data
Creating a Cross-Tab Report
Creating a Cross-Tab with Multiple Rows or Columns
Applying a Formatting Style to the 
Customizing the Cross-Tab Format
Changing Background Colors
Formatting Individual Cells
Changing the Summary Operation
Suppressing Rows, Columns or Totals
Repeating Row Heading for Multi-Page Cross-Tabs
Using Alias Names for Column and Row Headings
Charting Cross-Tabs
Customizing Cross-Tab Group Names

Report Alerts
What are Report Alerts
Creating Report Alerts
Basing Report Formulas or Conditional 
Formatting on Report Alerts

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